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At Best Online, our mission is to inform and help individuals, businesses and organizations across the world to protect their privacy and stay safe against online threats.

We present the best tools and information to help you protect your data and your privacy on the internet (VPN, data security software, cloud storage & cloud computing solutions, privacy apps, best tips, books, articles, etc).

Best Online Privacy Tools in 2024

How to stay private online in 2024   

  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). AES-256 encryption or better
  • Use a safe and secure email address
  • Use a private internet search engine
  • Use private and encrypted messaging tools & apps
  • Use encrypted software tools (open source)
  • Don't share sensitive information on social media (ex: Date of birth, home address, etc.)
  • Read the information, tips and articles provided on this website.

How can I secure my computer?


  • Install a Firewall.
  • Install an Antivirus software.
  • Install an Anti-Spyware software.
  • Use secure and complex passwords and enable double-authentication.
  • Check the privacy and security settings of your browser.
  • Visit: for the best free online privacy tools to use in 2024.

Best 15 Tips to protect your security and online privacy

1. Use strong passwords and/or a password manager.
2. Check your social media privacy settings.
3. Don't forget to install software, and operating system updates.
4. Install a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
5. Use only HTTPS websites for financial transactions, etc.
6. Cover your camera on your PC or laptop and you can use a free ''Camera Blocker'' app for your smartphone.
7. Browse privately using a secure web browser such as DuckDuckGo (or in incognito mode with Google).
8. Avoid clicking on suspicious links and attachments you might receive by emails or by text messages.
9. Secure your home and business network with a password.
10. Use an antivirus when downloading and installing new software and Remove any app that you no longer need or use.
11. Turn off any automatic password-saving features to ensure better security.
12. Use messaging apps that implement end-to-end encryption (ex: Signal, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc.).
13. Be mindful of the information and pictures you post on social media platforms (Avoid sharing private information publicly such as your date of birth, home address, passport number, etc.)
14. Enable two-factor authentication.
15. Turn off any settings that allow for the tracking of your data and ads (you can use an ad blocker such as ''AdBlock'' ) and always watch out for phishing attempts by email or sms.


Simply click on the images below to get more information about our  suggested privacy tools.

Online Privacy Tools - Level 1

Free software for  Anonymous Online Communication.


Browse the Web Securely and Anonymously

Best VPN tool to help protect your online privacy and security.

best online privacy, best vpn

FYI: No Logs Policy

Nord VPN do not keep any connection logs nor timestamps that could allow them to match the customers with their online activities.
This VPN service provider operates under the jurisdiction of Panama. Therefore, if an order or subpoena is issued by a Panamanian court, the service provider would have to provide the information if they had any.

However, their no logs policy means that they do not store any information about their users online activity. This VPN service provider also provide an automatic ''kill switch'' option and DNS leak protection which can help you surf the internet more securely.

Private Internet Search Engine.

A Free search engine that doesn't track you.


Free Password Manager.  

Password security for all your browsers & devices.


Secure, Encrypted and Free Messaging  App

best online privacy tools, best encrypted messaging app

Click here  for a Free, Secure and Encrypted Chat tool

Free File Encryption Tool.

Secure File Archiver (with high compression ratio)

Internet Security Software

for Home or for Small Businesses

Best Anti-virus software - Online Protection

Best Free Encrypted Email.

Get your free and secure email address in 2024.


*Protonmail do not keep IP Logs.

*Staring in 2024, users can now create and use an additional address for free (Alias)

* The privacy policy of this email provider states that they do not keep logs except in certain circumstances. They clearly outlines those circumstances on their policy page and they also provide a list of data orders they have received from various authorities and why or why not they have complied.

Free system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool.

 Click on the image below to download for free and to see the list of products offered by CCleaner.


The most recommended tool to Recover and un-delete files is Recuva.

Click here to learn more about this award-winning file recovery tool.

Best online security tool to protect you against malwares, ransomware, and other advanced online threats.


Click here to download the Free tool.

Secure & Encrypted USB Flash Drive.


Best Books on Online Privacy, Security and Anonymity

Tips, Tools & Secrets for Your Online and Life Privacy

How to Be Invisible:

Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life


Complete Guide to Internet Privacy, Anonymity and Security


How to Hide on the Internet


The Best Overview of Online Privacy and Security


*Click here to see other excellent books from the same author.

Best Online Privacy Tools 2024

We help people, businesses and organizations to keep their online activities Private, Secure and Anonymous. Find below the best advanced and free online privacy & security tools.

Advanced Online Privacy tools

Free Disk Encryption Software - Open Source

The Best Data Encryption Tool available today


Free Software to use the Internet anonymously.

*Tails is a complete operating system that is designed to be used from a USB key, DVD or SD card and independently of your computer's original operating system.

Secure and free desktop Operating System (OS)

Qubes is free and oriented on security. It is an open-source operating system for personal computers that allows you to securely compartmentalize your digital life & activities.

Free Encrypted and private instant message tool.
Off-the-Record (OTR)

What is instant messaging ?  IM
Click here to see how ''OTR'' works.


for the Best Online Privacy

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